My tiny corner of the internet has turned into a lot more than I thought it would, to me anyways.

I've learned to appreciate my life more as it is. Detailing the days of my life in this little website has casted a new light on my environment and the people around me. It has helped me live outside of my head and my depression. I look forward to updating the website with things I do throughout the day, which I guess makes the things I do throughout the day a bit more enjoyable.

I'm not a popular person. I tend to screw up my relationships with people, and because of that I'm a recluse for the most part. I think people find me annoying and obnoxious because I'm a clingy person. They don't really care to hear what I have to say on things. I hope I don't come across as too self-piting with this; I'm just being honest with my issues and insecurities.

When no one else wants to listen, I can at least be an audience to myself here. If I'm not worthy of attention and love from other people, I can at least exercise love towards myself and my life through this blog.

It can be dangerous to reveal too much of yourself online, especially with how inflamed the world has become. However, as an exercise of self-acceptance, I want to say that I'm not a perfect or palatable person, and I don't intend to present myself as such on here. Come what may for revealing my flaws and disturbed thoughts. Though, I'm of the opinion that I don't bear a lot of significance to the majority of people, and because of this, I don't have to worry about the ire of other people as much.

I hope whoever passes through here finds happiness in their life. And I hope the archaeologist or alien or both reading this a thousand years from now discovers something interesting about 21st century America while browsing.


Glad to have you here at my personal blog! I vent a lot in here so watch your step. :)

Let me tell you, I'm so fucking mad that I missed out on a lot of the 00s. My parents were strict with the computer. Not that I think I was old enough for that anyways, but I always enjoyed forums more than what social media has developed into. This "old style", I guess.

I really don't like just scrolling through meme after meme, and god forbid if I have to scroll through clickbait political crap. I can't really put my finger on why, but the endless scrolling, it makes me feel sick in the brain. It's almost like I can feel how engineered it all is to get you addicted to it. I've managed to move away from 90% of it; only keeping a reddit because it's easy to find information on niche subjects there. I don't think it counts as social media, but the hardest thing for me to quit was watching an endless bombardment of youtube videos back in 2018. Yeah it has a different purpose than twitter or facebook, but I can still "feel" the addictive qualities in the site.

I also find it easier to learn more about people this way. People elaborate on themselves more in longer text posts. When everything is bite sized, captured in one image, or set to a character limit, it's hard to get to know people. And I really just want to connect with people. Memes and short informational posts only go so far.

Anyways, hoping to add a lot more to this, my interests, notes on my interests, maybe essays on certain topics, etc. Though it's gonna develop slowly; I'm teaching myself HTML.

(Definitely gonna look wonky for a bit as I learn flexbox)

Enjoy my nonsensical rambling!

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